WHAT? Yes, an Amphitheater!

It’s an outdoor seating area that our kids and their classmates can use year-round as a performance space, presentation venue, outdoor classroom, assembly platform, and much more!


Has your child ever come home muddy or complaining he or she couldn’t get to the playground at recess because the hillside was too slippery?  It’s a common JP problem after wet weather. 

Our JP P.T.O. looked at this problem and saw a bigger picture.  What started as an idea to build a staircase into the hill quickly morphed into a desire to gift our school a multi-purpose amphitheater, and our successful fundraising from the last several years brings us very close to our needs for this project.  Our staff members and children are excited to use this space!


On the left side of our building, just outside the egress from our third-grade wing, is the path many take to walk up to our playground.  Only there is no path, just a grassy hillside.  

Whether there’s too much rain, melted snow, or just a damp season, this area becomes a slippery, unsafe, and unusable muddy route.  And the hillside lends itself perfectly to hold an amphitheater.


We’ve been working with the P.P.S. Board of Education, district officials, municipal engineers, and other experts since last summer to develop the idea and solidify it into reality.  We plan to get the project done this summer, beginning just after school lets out.