“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things that you do for others remain as your legacy.” – Kala Ndukwe Kalu

“As Marines we succeed or fail based on our ability to be accountable to those we fight alongside.”

Perhaps truer words were never spoken. The dedication to those on our left and right is something that never leaves us – it’s in our collective DNA. When you encounter other Marines of any age, you come to realize that it’s our common experience of being Marines that bind us together. Commandant Amos said it best, “There is no such thing as a former Marine.” When you earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor at Parris Island, San Diego, or Quantico, you earned it for life.

This is a “Call to Arms” to all Marines unlike any before; an historic opportunity to show that YOU were part of something Marines have only dreamed of for 243 years: rebuilding our hallowed birthplace, The Tun™ tavern in Philadelphia.

YOU can be a part of making history and bring the “supporting fires”—but this unique opportunity is for a very limited time. This is not an effort on the part of some big restaurant chain, or wealthy businessmen—this is being done by Marines like you, who are tired of waiting for someone ELSE to do it!

And like you, we are accountable to other Marines. As a Son or Daughter of The Tun™, your contribution not only gets you some unique swag available only to the benefactors literally helping us “build history”, but also regular updates on the reconstruction progress.

This is real, it’s secure, and it’s happening! Tun Tavern re-opens in Philadelphia in 2025!

If not now, when? If not us, who?
Carpe Diem! Let’s DO this!

Order yours TODAY!

4” X 8” Brick With logo
and replica – $500

2” X 4” X 1⁄2”
Replica Brick(s)
with Certificate $750

Please engrave your personalized brick as follows:

4″ x 8″ bricks can be personalized with up to 4 line max with 12 characters max per line.

 (See examples above. Please no emojis!)

Available Logos